Speedwell Construction


The Project Assistant is responsible for supporting the Construction Project Teams and performing administrative and clerical duties. Candidates must possess a strong work ethic, the ability to work independently, and a commitment to excellence, teamwork, and communication.

Essential Functions

  1. 1. Complete and electronically distribute subcontracts, secure proper paperwork, and verify subcontractors are in good standing with vendor compliance before starting work.
  2. 2. Process and manage electronic copies of project-related documents, i.e., contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, change orders, RFIs (Request for Information), meeting minutes, close-out documentation, etc.
  3. 3. Provide clerical/administrative support for the project team and ensure all documentation requested is received from subcontractors/suppliers for each ongoing project.
  4. 4. Document and track potential change orders; document approved change orders; file electronically and distribute to appropriate team members.
  5. 5. Secure and compile electronic close-out documents.
  6. Handle accounting tasks of projects, including computer entry of invoices in accounting & job cost systems.
  7. Sort, prioritize, and distribute incoming and outgoing materials.
  8. Manage the setup of projects in appropriate software for daily reporting logs and building drawings.
  9. Assist the front desk receptionist as needed with answering phones and greeting guests
  10. Manage RFI’s (Request for Information) and other documents as the Project Manager requests.
  11. Review and process submittals as required.
  12. Assist with soliciting pricing for change orders as required.
  13. Assist with the permitting process as required.


  1. Interpersonal Skills: listen to others, maintain confidentiality, focus on solving conflict and not passing blame
  2. Oral and Written Communication: speak clearly and positively, participate in meetings, seek clarification, and respond to questions. Able to read and write effectively.
  3. Teamwork: able to build morale and group commitment to goals and objectives, balance team and individual responsibilities, support everyone’s effort to succeed, give and welcome feedback
  4. Customer Service: listen to the needs of the customer and respond appropriately even in demanding situations, respond to requests for assistance
  5. Professionalism: tactfully approach others and treat them with respect and consideration regardless of their status or position, accept responsibility for one’s actions, and follow through on commitments
  6. Planning/Organizing: prioritize and plan work activities, use time efficiently, and prepare for additional resources if needed
  7. Adaptability: adjust as the work environment evolves and deal with frequent changes, delays, or unexpected events
  8. Attendance/Punctuality: arrive at work or meetings consistently and on time.
  9. Dependability: complete tasks on time and commit to longer work hours when necessary to reach goals.
  10. Initiative: volunteer readily, seek opportunities to increase responsibility, and pursue self-development activities

Supervisory Responsibilities:

This position doesn’t have direct supervisory responsibilities but serves as a coach or resource for other positions in the company.

Work Environment:

The employee will be located in a busy office area. The project assistant may occasionally make job site visits and participate in safety training that may be outdoors. Personal Protective Equipment must be used as required in certain situations.

Physical Demands:

The project assistant spends long hours sitting at a desk. The employee spends the majority of their day using office equipment, which may cause eye or muscle strain. The employee will occasionally need to lift some office equipment, supplies, and materials (15 lbs.) While attending job sites, the employee may be required to climb ladders occasionally and cross uneven ground.

Position Type/Expected Hours of Work:

This is a non-exempt full-time position. The hours of work are Monday through Friday, with 40 hours per week being the expectation.


The employee will primarily be at the office, occasionally traveling to job sites and educational training.