Position: Job Superintendent

Status: Full Time Salary Exempt

Reports to: President & Project Manager


  1. An ability to understand and follow plans and specifications in the construction of a project.
  2. Leadership ability
  3. A thorough knowledge of construction techniques.
  4. A conscientious attitude toward controlling costs and adhering to progress schedules.
  5. The ability to communicate and to plan the sequence of activities with subcontractors, material suppliers, and fellow employees to effectively meet targeted goals and dates.

Duties and Requirements:

  1. Schedules and coordinate subcontractors and suppliers on the job so that projects come to completion by the pre-determined date.
  2. Responsible for all safety aspects on an assigned project including OSHA requirements, promoting and encouraging safe work practices, and rectifies job site hazards immediately.
  3. Responsible for obtaining high quality workmanship throughout all phases of work on a project and to require adherence to drawings and specifications by all trades.
  4. Responsible to review plans and specifications prior to, and during, a project to insure that all information is supplied for on time completion of the job. Omissions or discrepancies in the contract documents being reported to the Project Manager.
  5. Responsible for care and maintenance of all company equipment and tools utilized by self and crew members.
  6. Promotes a favorable impression of Speedwell Construction in all relationships with contractors, customers, employees, and the general public.
  7. Maintains an organized job site, including construction office.
  8. Any other job duties as required.